Trinity Recap I

(Originally posted at ClobberBlog)

Here is how my Trinity visit went down. I’m gonna break this into two posts.

Day 1

Kevin Barney picked me up from the airport and we went out for lunch. We talked about pretty much everything: the Bloggernacle, his paper on Heavenly Mother, Wisdom Christology, our kids, our spouses, my education plans, the Mormon History Association, ideas for papers, and ‘Nacle regulars. If you’re wondering if we talked about you, the answer is probably yes. I told him about some of the comments that I get on this blog and he said it sounds like I’m the “pied piper of perverse Mormons,” and I think he may be right. He also said he’s good friends with Blake Ostler, and I told him to tell Blake to be nice to me. It was good to see him again and catch up with him though, and being able to see him on a more regular basis would be a plus to attending Trinity.

There’s a La Quinta Inn pretty much right on the Trinity campus and the university has a deal with them for these events where rooms are only $20 a night, but you get paired with a roommate. I arrived at the hotel and learned that my roommate’s name was Jill. That’s right, make your Jack & Jill jokes, we certainly did. She was from Massachusetts, single, recently completed a BA in English and history, and was thinking of doing the MA – Christian Studies program at Trinity. She was also super-nice and we got along great.

I decided to take a late afternoon nap since I had stayed up all night the night before. I woke up to the sound of my cell phone ringing, looked at the clock and saw that it was 6:33. The open house was supposed to start at 6:30(!). So I ignored the cell phone, threw my shoes on and went dashing across campus. Ah, having to sprint across campus because you’re late to class, I miss that. I found out later on that the cell phone was ringing because my 2-year-old daughter was playing with the home phone and had hit “Redial,” so she’s the one who woke Mommy up. Good on you, Harley!

My admissions counselor, Doug, recognized me on sight when I walked through the door. He’s a PhD student in history himself and we talked about the professors and the program. The open house started with a panel discussion on what life at Trinity is like featuring a professor and three current students. When they got to questions, I asked them to discuss the denominational and theological diversity within the body of Christ at Trinity and how that plays out in campus life.

We had a chapel meeting with worship and a brief sermon after that, all to my liking. My roommate Jill had rented a car, so we went out looking for a Burger King. She managed not to break any Illinois traffic laws, even though I told her to. Jill: “It says no left turn here.” Me: “Just do it, no one is looking.” Jill: “Oh my gosh, we’re applying to seminary!” Me: “Well… yeah.” I suppose my Christian morality is a little loose when it comes to traffic laws. Oh, and we discovered that the six million toll gates in Illinois only take coins, even if you get out of your car and stuff your dollar bill down the hole.

Here’s is the summary of Day 2, Trinity Recap II.


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