LOL @ Christians with no sense of humor

(Originally posted at ClobberBlog)

Is this t-shirt “blasphemous”?


I’ve never thought so. I don’t own it myself, but it’s clear that the humor comes via the juxtaposition of the standard Christian message and the roleplaying practice of saving throws. I’ve always seen it as a benign play on both concepts, not any kind of mockery of Christ. I have Christian friends who own the shirt, and none of them has ever seen it as blasphemous or had another Christian tell them it was blasphemous. They see it as a good chance to talk to other roleplaying nerds about their Christian faith.

I posted it on TheologyWeb two days ago in response to some banter about roleplaying in this thread here. Tonight I got an automated message from a moderator saying the entire post was deleted because it was “blasphemous.” Now, the fact that it was there unmolested for several days tells me that plenty of Christians saw it and didn’t have a problem with it. Two people gave it a positive response in the thread. I would have expected someone to complain of blasphemy had I linked to, say, the WWJD thong, but that t-shirt? Saying that shirt is blasphemous is like reporting “crap” as a swear word.

So, to whoever thought the shirt was blasphemous, I say, good on you! Humorless, uptight Christians aren’t as much fun as humorless, uptight Mormons, but you’re still good for a chuckle, and I am laughing at you.


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